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You Said We Did

You said: Can we have as much notice and as many details about school trips as soon as possible?

We did: Trips and the information about these are put on the newsletter as soon as we know about them, in the dates for your diary section.

Teachers are working on giving at the very least 2 weeks notice on trips with a cost.

You said: Can the pupils in Years 5 and 6 have their own pencil cases in school?

We did: From February 2017 all pupils in Year 5 & 6 have been given the opportunity to bring in their own school equipment to help prepare them for secondary school expectations.

You said: Can we have a more user friendly methods for pupil updates other than Twitter?

We did: We introduced a new Facebook page for Whitemoor Academy in February 2017. It now has 88 followers and is updated regularly.

You said: Can school offer a payment method other than cash or cheque?

We did: We introduced Parent Pay in January 2017. Parents / Carers can now pay online for all events. We also offer pay point cards so all monies can be paid offsite 7 days a week.

You said: Can we have a regular weekly newsletter?

We did:

You said: Can the newsletter be emailed to us?

We did:

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