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Curriculum Approach

At Whitemoor the full range of National Curriculum Subjects are taught. We adhere to government guidelines and local and national initiatives but ultimately strive to provide our pupils with a broad, rich curriculum which interests, engages and motivates and provides children with the transferable skills they will need in the future.


'We need to equip children for a society that is accelerating so rapidly that it is difficult to assess what factual knowledge they will need in the future.' (R Fisher)


At Whitemoor we are committed to providing our children with a curriculum that matters to them, giving them the skills and experiences they will need to become citizens in a global community.


Our policy and long term planning framework for each subject reflects the school's commitment to our Achievement Model and supporting guiding principles, encompassing all three elements, provision, enhancement and enrichment.


PROVISION - the acquisition of a set of basic skills - the right of every child.


ENHANCEMENT - providing a broad, rich curriculum which is skill based and motivates and engages children to produce high quality work with 'personality'


ENRICHMENT - harnessing the skills of the local and wider community to provide the very best opportunities for our children to enrich their learning and involving the community in the work and life of the school.


The Core subjects of English, Maths, Computing and Science have individual policies whilst the Foundation Subjects have an overarching policy ensuring that our planning and delivery of each subject is consistent and reflects our overall curriculum philosophy and ideals.

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